Lenovo Support Number

Lenovo Customer Support Number
We work with the Lenovo brand, in maintenance and repair of computer equipment both software and hardware. Technical service trained to solve your problems on a computer level. Specialized technicians in the brand are ready to meet your requirement and provide an effective solution to your problem. Give us the pleasure of assisting you. If the laptop, desktop computer, tablet or Smartphone of brand Lenovo work slowly call at our Lenovo Customer Support Number

• Our Technical service Lenovo, give you the pleasure of serving you.
• Specialized service in repair of Lenovo laptops
• The best service you can choose gives you.
• Formatting laptop.
• Installation of systems in tablets.
• Repair of desktop equipment.
• Cellular maintenance
• Our technical service Lenovo offers you specialized services for lenovo laptop.
• Change of screen for laptop Lenovo.
• Repair, calibration and change of hinge Lenovo laptop.
• Painting, reconstruction of covers laptop Lenovo.
• Change of keyboard for laptop Lenovo.
• Laptop repair Lenovo.
• Heating problems of your Lenovo computer

You feel that the laptop Lenovo overheats or has blackouts unexpectedly, most likely the fan cool the mechanical problems and need a specialized review Contact us to solve your problems.

A liquid was spilled onto his laptop Lenovo
What we recommend is not to turn it on and disconnect the battery immediately. Communicate with us and give us the pleasure of helping you.
If the pc has problems such as blockages, slowness, damage to the operating system or you need the installation of specific programs, we will provide the home service.
The team has problems at the hardware level, it is necessary that you go to our specialized Lenovo laboratory to find a solution to the problem. We know how important your equipment and your data is, that's why the repair is carried out in the shortest time possible and the proper functioning of the equipment is tested before leaving our laboratory. Know us and rate our performance in the provision of the service.
Technical service Lenovo offers specialized service in information retrieval of Lenovo hard drives.

Repair of desktop towers Lenovo
If the operating system presents slowness or has a virus we help you. Our Lenovo help number has the solution to all your computer problems. You need to install programs or some specific software on your computer, we will help you

Maintenance of Lenovo cell phones
If your Smartphone is slow or blocked, you can contact our technical service at our Lenovo Customer Support Number to solve your problems. You want to update the software or install applications you can call us to give you advice.

Repair of Lenovo computers
We perform software repair of desktop computers and laptops. If you lost the information on your laptop or desktop computer by mistake, we offer you the information retrieval service. This process has an estimated time of three working days where we run recovery software to check if the lost information can be recovered. Technical service Lenovo we are here to serve you and meet all your requirements.

Description of the Lenovo technical service
• Once the team enters we take three business days to diagnose, if the failure is software we can take a day or less to give a solution to the problem.
• We always recommend our clients to make a backup of their information, if it is not possible we will do it with an additional cost.
• When the equipment enters, the accessories and the parts with which it enters are verified with the client.
• When the equipment repair is finished, we will contact the customer.

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